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Liberating financial solution

The simplest way to transform an investing intuition in a Professional Risk-Managed Investment, designed for Advisory Asset Management.



Liberating financial solution

The simplest way to transform an investing intuition in a Professional Risk-Managed Investment, designed for Advisory Asset Management.


To protect your capital – To manage your time – To benefit from the performance – To regain the decision-making – To easily follow the markets – To compute real-time risk-taking

Only with Marie Quantier

Marie Quantier is the missing link needed by personal investors to empower their use of an on-line brokerage account. We serve investors who pride themselves on being autonomous but have limited time to manage a portfolio.

With Marie Quantier’s very-easy-to-use tools, personal investors can harness the array of information available with MQ to reduce uncertainty and make their own decisions. Besides, Marie Quantier allows to check for the downside risk of any portfolio's allocation in real-time thanks to its best-of-breed risk management technology. Personal investors can run their portfolio successfully in as little as a couple of hours per year.

A new way to invest on the financial markets

To ease your decision-making, you get access to the best tools in class: nowcasting, Ying Yang Finance and MiniBloom. These tools will enable you to an analysis of all the economic data available through cutting-edge implementation of artificial intelligence applied to financial macroeconomics. You also can use the “portfolio optimization” functionality to obtain a personalized recommendation.

To monitor your risk-taking and to protect your capital, you will be given access to the most up to date HPC applied to Conditional Drawdown at 97.5%, which is an intuitive risk measure indicating the maximum loss in the worst-case scenarios. To simulate the worst-case scenarios, our algorithms generate millions of scenarios relying on financial assets behavior since 1999 (including the worst times ever such as internet bubble, financial crisis in 2008, euro crisis)

Lastly, you receive notifications on your smartphones when financial market conditions evolution implies a change in your portfolio. You will also get notified when it is time to enter the market. Your order book is already fulfilled and ready to be sent, so you won’t make any input error. Buy and Sell orders will be sent in 1 click.


Numerical simulations to estimate your portfolio maximum drawdown


Diversification map to visualize each security and sector in your ETF portfolio


Aggregated financial analysis (earnings and balance sheet) of ETF components


AI defines market regimes by analysing all the macro and financial data available

Yin Yang

Synthesis of macro indicators (AI) accessible for each date since 99


Regular notification sent to help you run your portfolio : market entry / regimes

Pre filled orders

Orders are automatically pre filled after customization in order to avoid mistakes


Blocage possible d'un fond de portefeuille à prendre en compte lors des optimisations


Optimization under constraints of risk tolerance, regime and locks


Financial data: 3000 equities, 300 ETF, macroeconomics, FX, credit, interest rates


Dividends (implicit) estimation extracted from 300 000 options on 3000 equities


Macroeconomical and market analysis available on a dedicated blog

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.

Effortless on boarding

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I answer some questions to identify my risk tolerance.
A MQ special advisor goes with me through the procedure and I can ask questions anytime I need.
I receive a personalized asset allocation, and I can add, remove or modify securities.
I progressively invest on the stock market and I can manage my monthly deposit .
I receive a text message and an email whenever I need to adjust my portfolio.

Qualified advisors are available on the phone or on the chat at anytime



Customize - more +
Unless you’re a finance professional, you are intrigued by investing on the financial markets (otherwise you would not be having a look at this website) but could you say that you like finance? Probably not. You might find finance people use too much jargon and not intuitive enough.

This plan will provide you with the best available tools to build your own portfolio in a professional way:
  • Risk management
  • Data analysis and personalized recommendations
  • Portfolio customization
  • Buy/Sell orders sent in 1 click

  • This package offers effortless way to follow to invest with success without trespassing your threshold of financial pain. If finance builds our everyday world, finance doesn’t only belong to experts. Finance is accessible as soon as we free ourselves from the fear of not understand it. And, once the first hurdles behind you, investing even becomes addictive and part of your lifestyle. Choosing this package, you will receive personalized notifications and high-tech tools are made available to you to build and to manage your portfolio (ETF search engine dividends estimates, diversification map, precise calculation of your risk). You buy and you sell in 1 click.

    39,00€/Quarter + 2% of the positive performance
    + 2% of the positive performance
    Analyze - more +
    If you are a finance professional, a banker or a savvy investor, this package is the one you need:

  • Cutting-edge risk management system based on « worst case scenario » which estimates the maximum drawdown (using Conditional Drawdown calculation).
  • Interactive tools to monitor the fundamentals of the economy (production, consumption, employment, etc.)
  • MQ makes investment on the stock markets simple. Our interface is easy to use and has been thought to help you avoiding mistake: ETF search engine, dividends estimates, financial health of corporates analysis, diversification map and precise calculation of the portfolio risk
  • Pre-filled orders booked to execute in 1 click (as easy as booking a hotel on : no time wasted looking for ISIN code, ticker and so on… and no “fat fingers” problem !

  • You get access to a whole set of raw data and financial indicators since 1999. This enables you with smart historical comparisons. You get access to MiniBloom which gathers altogether the financial information than you need in a straightforward way (3000 securities, 300 ETF, macro data, interest rate curves and credit curves, FX, etc.).

    89,00€/Quarter + 2% of the positive performance
    + 2% of the positive performance
    Map - more +
    If you already enjoy a substantial wealth invested on the financial markets and that you don’t feel you get enough value for money from you current financial advisor, this package will give you the opportunity to cut the cost while managing your global risk exposure on the financial markets, whatever your investments are: Of course, you also get all the services included in the “Analyze” package. This package is not yet available but if you are interested, let us know and get on the waiting list !

    + 5% of the positive performance
    IFA - more +
    You can ask your financial advisor to reach out to us to share the Marie Quantier interface. It makes it far easier to communicate on the current state of the financial markets for example. Besides, your financial advisor can select for you the funds and securities, to push this selection into your personal account and then, you only have to validate it by a simple click. It provides you with control without the hassle of reviewing by yourself the complete investment universe. By doing so, not only your understanding of your financial investments has improved but you also benefit from the best risk management system for retail investors out there.

    Please ask your CGP if MQ is available
    Please ask your CGP

    The performance-based fees are calculated using the high water mark method. A high water mark is the highest peak in value that an account has reached at the end of the year. This method ensures investors they do not pay performance fees twice for the same amount of performance.

    Investing through ETF

    ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) are investment funds that are listed, and therefore offer great liquidity, and which replicate an index. An index is a transparent investment methodology. In other words, ETF are basket of securities, equities or bonds, already diversified and which makes portfolio management much easier. ETF are also very competitive in terms of management fees.

    ETF are baskets of securities which follow a transparent methodology called index. It makes investing very transparent. One knows at every moment which securities are amongst the basket. It makes it easier to run a diversified portfolio. For example, with an ETF on the financial sector, you only have to buy one ETF and you get exposure to 17 securities of the financial sector.

    A complete selection of ETF

    There is a mechanism well known and used by the fund managers which allows to monitor the risk : bonds and equities are moving in opposite direction depending on the market conditions.

    With equities, one owns part of a company. With bonds, one lends to a state or a company. When the economy is doing well, equities are going up and so do the interest rates. It means that bonds, which are mechanically evolving with interest rates, are going down. On the contrary, when one fears for the wellness of the economy, one seeks for a safe heaven, in a flight to quality. The « real money » (pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, etc.) is a big player in this game. That is why the mechanism has been so persistent over the decades.

    At Marie Quantier, we have divided the market conditions into four states. The first, called « expansion » is when economy is improving and equities are undervalued. With no surprise, it’s when we recommend investing mostly in equities. The second one, called « Panic », is when economy is deteriorating and equities are overvalued. Again, quite easy, we recommend not to invest one penny in equities in such a market condition and to protect one wealth by investing in sovereign bonds. Finally, there are two transition states called « euphoria » and « recovery ». In those market conditions, we recommend having half ones wealth invested in corporate bonds.

    It’s now easy to understand why one needs a complete set of ETF amongst all the asset classes to correctly risk manage one portfolio. And that’s what you get with the platform Marie Quantier.

    Investir au moyen des ETF

    Les ETF sont des fonds d'investissement côtés en bourse qui suivent un "indice" qui est une méthodologie transparente. En d'autres mots, les ETF sont des paniers de titres qui permettent de construire facilement des portefeuilles d'investissements diversifiés à un coût compétitif.

    Cela permet de connaître exactement, à chaque instant, les titres qui composent l'ETF. Par exemple, au lieu d'acheter les 40 actions du CAC40 pour diversifier ses investissements dans toutes les grandes entreprises françaises, il suffit d'acheter un seul ETF sur le CAC 40.

    Les ETF présentent les frais de gestion les plus compétitifs de l'industrie financière. C'est plus équilibré pour les investisseurs particuliers, surtout si l'on compare aux frais pratiqués par les fonds classiques ou les produits structurés.

    • photo

      Actions américaines
      SP500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, etc.

    • photo

      Actions européennes
      Eurostoxx50, CAC 40, DAX, etc.

    • photo

      Actions mondiales
      MSCI World, Chine, Taïwan, Brésil, etc.

    • photo

      Obligations de court-terme

    • photo

      Obligations d'États (valeur-refuge)

    • photo

      Obligations d'entreprises

    • photo

      Entreprises en difficulté

    Les 10 secteurs de l'économie

    La plateforme donne aussi accès à des ETF qui couvrent uniquement des secteurs d'activité. Cela permet de faire des investissements "stratégiques", avec une finesse quasi "chirurgicale", pour aller chercher plus de performance

    • photo

      Matières premières

    • photo


    • photo


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    • photo


    • photo


    • photo


    • photo


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    • photo


    Une sélection d'ETF minutieuse en parfaite indépendance des groupes bancaires

    Notre infrastructure nous permet de définir les phases pendant lesquelles l'économie s'améliore et les actions sont sous-valorisées : "expansion" (allocation en faveur des actions), les phases pendant lesquelles l'économie se détériore et les actions sont sur-valorisées : "panique" (allocation en faveur des obligation d'États qui sont des prêts aux États) et les phases de transition : "Euphorie" et "Récupération". Pendant ces phases de transition, les obligations d'entreprises présentent les meilleures perspectives.

    Marie Quantier sélectionne des ETF qui couvrent toutes les classes d'actifs en euros et en dollars : Obligations de court terme, obligations d'États, obligations d'entreprises solides ("Investment Grade") et les ETF actions. Pour les ETF actions, nous couvrons tous les ETF sectoriels commercialisables en France.

    Nos équipes effectuent une présélection rigoureuse des ETF : versements des dividendes, réplication des indices dont les variations peuvent être estimées avec succès par des analyses quantitatives, liquidité suffisante sur le marché, spread bid/ask suffisamment étroit. Surtout, il faut que l'information financière concernant l'ensemble des composants des ETF soit disponible et fiable.


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